Seduction: How to Flirt With A Stranger?

Only a few months left before Flirt With A Stranger the holidays (and the May long weekends)! So, as we like to anticipate, we are already preparing for the famous spring cruising season (which heralds another key moment of the year: the summer cruising season ).

In terms of reconciliation, it is never useless to get back to the page to perfect your style, your grip. Indeed, we learn at any age. Techniques of seduction in a foreign environment, there are thousands of them. Whether you are in Paris, Istanbul or Tokyo, there is always something to play for to turn heads. To miss DilMil nothing of the trip, follow the guide!

Using the French accent without moderation

If having a very French accent in the language of Shakespeare can be a disservice on certain occasions – job interviews in particular – know that nothing will melt a foreigner, and more particularly an English speaker, as much as the famous: “ Brian is in ZE Kitchen”. #Loveyourimperfections_

There is also no point in becoming a dictionary of foreign languages ​​to communicate. The great mystery of misunderstanding at certain times of the conversation often brings. Its share of good laughs and little failures that make you crack. The lost in translation trick , it really works!

Take out the great French game – Flirt With A Stranger

Classy and timeless, the art of French seduction respects immutable rules. Very neat dress code (no white socks over sandals), wearing a distinguished perfume. Fresh breath, and good manners make up the basics of what every single traveler must master. It’s not because you sweat that you have to smell bad and look like a bag. Even abroad, you keep a chic side, and this, in all circumstances. 😉

Seduction: How to Flirt With A Stranger?

Dating, an intercultural exchange – Flirt With A Stranger

Talking about yourself is always the best way to break the ice during a meeting. Of course, not too much is needed, and with each question that you are asked. You have to return the elevator by taking an interest in the life of the person in front of you. It may seem ordinary and innocuous, but in the eyes of the foreign person. You represent someone exotic. So take the opportunity to paint an advantageous DilMil.Co portrait of yourself, with a few clichés about your country that never hurt: the baguette, the intellectual side, the cigarette after love. The passion for wine, and so on. of the best!

And then, for the more intrepid and more direct, there is always the alternative of automatically proposing the essential: “ Do you want to sleep with me tonight?

On a first date , in front of someone we like but whom we know little. We always wonder if we like ourselves too. But we lack perspective to succeed in deciphering the signs! However, here are some that you should recognize without too much difficulty…

If there is a sign that does not deceive, it is a look that  sparkles. It’s not always easy to look someone straight in the eye, and yet those eyes truly reflect what the other person thinks of you. If he doesn’t hesitate to stare at you, it’s because he’s most certainly interested…

It may seem simple and basic, but someone who has a smile on their face when they look at you or who laughs when you say things, lives the present moment fully and feels good by your side. Pretty good sign

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Apart from the small gestures, we can of course cling to the words: if your date is making plans for future times, or suggesting activities like “would you like to come to the cinema with me next week…? “He’s giving you a perch… It’s up to you to grab it!

This may seem very ridiculous and yet, a person who listens carefully to what you entrust to him shows his interest. This means that she wants to get to know you and that’s why she “records” all the information you give her.

That the other asks questions about your daily life, your tastes, your passions, your past history, family history etc… is a good indicator to realize that he is interested in you in a deep way, and that he wants to really know who is in front of him.

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