How An On-line Date Noticed A Spanish Girl

First night , first sensations: What Men Think are no exception to the rule, they have expectations, desires and fantasies that sometimes come true, and sometimes not. But when you get to the foot of the bed – and strictly speaking in the heat of the moment – ​​all does not necessarily go as planned. Some existential questions may possibly arise in the background of male thought, of which here is a small selection:

They are afraid of being clumsy

During the first night together, we generally discover ourselves in a new light (and often without clothes). Question of tempo, attitude, feeling, alcohol level (or sobriety): many elements come to mix in the head of a man. Which causes one thing: the doubt and the anguish of crashing in his way of courting. So close to the goal, it would be too stupid! Afterwards, the alchemy operates or not, and if this is not the case, SharekAlomre nothing dramatic. But most men are too afraid of losing face if they fail, when they don’t. Remember one thing: being clumsy has its charm!

« Performance, performance, performance ! »

“Show must go on!” », « No room for error », « Straight to the point! », or when sex takes sporting and die-hard turns. Beyond this objective of success and physical resistance over the length (which necessarily always floats a little, but should not), it is important to know how to take breaks, to take your time and above all to share the pleasure.

Men fear being hurt

Men are physically far more sensitive beings than they appear, especially when it comes to their attributes. A less delicate (and therefore painful) fellatio is one of the anxieties most shared by men. Oh yeah !

First Night: What Men Think

“She is faking it? »What Men Think

Eternal male question than that of female simulation . The only way to get an answer is to practice sex, and in quantity (it can be with one person, not necessarily with all Meetic members 🙂!). With wear, experienced men no longer even ask themselves the question. They know. Point.

“Shall I talk to him or am I silent? »What Men Think

If you need to, speak up. But most of the time, there is no point in holding a Discourse on the Method after the preliminaries… For those who often wonder what to say: here are some examples .

“Does she like what I’m doing to her?” » What Men Think

Knowing if they are effective and pleasant enough with their partner is an obsession with them. And it is their right. From there to verbalize it every five minutes, there is only one step. Be careful not to fall into the excess of words or the most total silence, however.

The gif , what is it? Unless you have lived on a planet very far from our solar system, you could not have missed it. The gif (or Graphics Interchange Format in English) is an animated digital image, SharekAlomre.Com on the border between a video and a photographic snapshot.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, the gif has become, with the rise of smartphones, the best allies of singles looking for meetings. On your keyboards, ready? Go! Overdose of colors, kitsch and LOL: in gif, everything is allowed

Sometimes things don’t go as planned on a date. Cascading bad surprises: profile picture that doesn’t correspond to reality, deep boredom, gaps in conversation, breath problem. All crimes are possible! Luckily, your life doesn’t end with a failed date. It is important to bounce back to better land on your legs. Little guide to survival in hostile dating to slip away and get out of this little quagmire

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