A joyful event happened in your life, Marry A German you met an interesting man from Germany, your relationship developed and you came to the decision to formalize your union? First of all, please accept our congratulations review and wishes of happiness! In this article, we will try to explain to you:

  • for which type of entry visa, according to your purpose, you need to apply at the German diplomatic mission in your country;
  • what is a “fiance visa”;
  • how it differs from a visa for reunification with a spouse.

What Type of Visa Do You Need?

Citizens of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan need an entry visa to travel to Germany. For citizens of Ukraine, in the presence of a biometric passport, entry into the territory of Germany for a period not exceeding 90 days can be carried out without a visa.

There are two types of entry visa: Schengen and national visas. A Schengen visa allows you to travel around Germany and the countries of the Schengen zone (the period of stay should not exceed 90 days), however, it does not give grounds for a long stay, registration of marriage in Germany. For a long stay, residence in Germany, you must open a national visa . The grounds for obtaining a national visa may be different. For example, employment, job search, study, marriage, reunification with a spouse, etc.

Visa for marriage or visa for reunification with a spouse – Marry A German

If you are planning to marry a German citizen, then suitable types of national visas would be: a visa for marriage in Germany for the purpose of subsequent permanent residence (fiance visa, German Visum zwecks Eheschließung) or visa for reunification with a spouse (German Visum zwecks Ehegattennachzug ). The main difference between a marriage visa and a spouse reunification visa is where the marriage will be registered.: in the homeland of the bride or in the homeland of the groom.

If a couple decides to register a relationship in the country of residence Eurodate of the bride (one of the countries of Eastern Europe), but intends to permanently reside in Germany (in the homeland of the groom), then after marriage, it is necessary to apply for a visa in order to reunite with the spouse. If the marriage is registered in Germany and after the registration of the relationship the couple plans to permanently reside in Germany, the bride must apply for a marriage visa to enter the country.


Proof of German language skills

In our blog articles, we often mentioned the need to learn German already. At the dating stage (that is, in advance, before you met your betrothed. See “When to start learning a foreign language: before or after meeting a foreigner?” ). Why is it so important? In order to obtain a fiancé visa or a visa. For reunification with a spouse, an official certificate confirming. The knowledge of the German language level. A1 must be submitted to the German diplomatic mission, among other documents.. Level A1 is the first level of German language proficiency. Surely, you can easily pass this exam. However, if you haven’t studied German before. Starting from scratch, preparing for the exam can cause. A long separation and the date of your move will depend on. When you successfully pass the exam.

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Documents required to apply for a fiancé visa – Marry A German

You can find the list of documents require to apply for a fiancé visa or a visa for reunification. With a spouse on the official website of the German diplomatic missions in your country (for example, Embassies of the Federal Republic of Germany in Minsk. German Representations in Kazakhstan, German Representations in Russia. Embassy of the Federative Republic of Nimechchina (Kiev). When preparing documents, we do not recommend relying on information provide in unofficial sources (forums, blogs, etc.). Rely on the official information of the German diplomatic missions in your country.

Fiance visa and residence permit

A fiancé visa will allow you to enter Germany and legally marry. After getting married in Germany, you need to apply to the Ausländerbehörde of your place of residence (Aliens’ Office) to apply for a residence permit.

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