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Los Angeles-based eHarmony ( launched in the United States in 2000 with its patented Compatibility Matching System® which allows eHarmony members to be matched with compatible persons with whom they are likely to enjoy a long-term relationship. Millions of people of all ages, ethnicities, national origins, and religious and political beliefs have used eHarmony's Compatibility Matching System to find compatible long-term relationships., Eharmony

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The user experience on eHarmony is 100% personalized for each individual user, but also very restricted. This isn’t a site to throw out “Hi, how are you” or other generic messages and wait for responses. Instead, users can only see those people the site has identified as potentially good matches for them (so that means there are no browsing or searching features available). Members discover others based on the intentionally limited number of matches the site shows them each day. 

The more one uses the site. The more matches, and encounters that are possible. But due to the nature of only seeing a hand-picked yet small percentage of the total site membership each day. The online dating process on eHarmony is slower and more calculated than that on other online dating sites. This, of course, could be a deterrent to some. But with the tried and true success, eHarmony has in facilitating lasting romances. And marriages, in addition to numerous awards the site has received over the years. It’s reasonable to consider dropping your need for instant gratification or mass attention in order to achieve real love. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does differ from other dating apps? differentiates itself by prioritizing compatibility and long-term commitment over superficial attractions. Its intricate matching system and comprehensive personality assessment set it apart from traditional dating platforms.

Is Eharmony only for serious relationships?

Yes, caters to individuals seeking genuine, committed relationships. The platform's design and features are tailored to foster meaningful connections with the intention of building lasting partnerships.

How does the Compatibility Matching System work?'s Compatibility Matching System evaluates various facets of your personality and preferences. It then uses this data to match you with individuals who share similar traits and values, increasing the chances of forming a strong bond.

Can I trust the authenticity of profiles on Eharmony? employs stringent verification processes to ensure the authenticity of profiles. This helps create a secure and trustworthy environment for users to explore potential matches.

How successful is in fostering lasting relationships? boasts an impressive track record of helping individuals find lasting love. Many success stories highlight how the platform's unique approach to matchmaking has led to meaningful, long-term relationships.

Is suitable for all age groups?

Yes, welcomes individuals of various age groups who are interested in building meaningful connections. The platform's diverse user base ensures that you can find matches that align with your preferences and life stage.

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  • This site feeds you, people who appeal to your selection, once you communicate with them on a free messaging basis, you lose contact, then you pay and their profile is no longer found. This has happened a number of times, I initially gave it just a fluke chance, but it has happened more than once, in addition, I have given my preference and repeatedly my box is filled with those outside of my preference. I have more than just an inkling this is the method of which they work. They should not be allowed to charge for their services because it is never up to par. Basically they sucker you in then charge you and want to keep charging you annually if you don’t cancel, it’s a gimmick.

  • Site is full of fake profiles. Many fake likes and conversations. You can tell the conversation isn’t real. Answers given either don’t make sense or are intentionally vague and provide zero depth and go nowhere. If you are discerning about your potential match, I would avoid this site. Not saying there isn’t romance to be had on there, but it’s not even close to the way commercials represent this site.